How to hack the market
like smart entrepreneurs do


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Are ideas born interesting or made interesting?

—Chip and Dan Heath

How Smart Entrepreneurs Hack the Market

Most entrepreneurs have expertise in their given field—be it fixing bikes, shooting photos, styling hair, selling shoes or teaching music. But that expertise may not bring in enough customers to make your business thrive.

That’s where marketing comes in. But with no knowledge of marketing or design, most small business owners settle for getting a decent company name, logo and website. Adding those markers to your expertise is seldom enough, though. Because everyone does the same, leaving your business lost on a sea of decent names, logos and websites. In today’s market, you must have exceptional branding to stand out. Mediocre branding leads only to modest success.

Most entrepreneurs don’t understand branding—that it can bond customers to their expertise. Far more than a few business markers, you need a deep understanding of where your company fits in the world, something found at the intersection of three things. The first two—knowing what your customers need and what you uniquely offer them—may seem obvious. The third—knowing which authentic ideas and values make you who you are and drive your connection with your customers—is most important of all. Success lies at this junction!

The usual approach to branding may net you a few compliments on your website. But it produces only a weak connection with customers. Skip your branding homework and you miss a huge opportunity. Do your homework well and you win loyal customers for life, customers inspired and empowered by what you care about. Customers who see those authentic values not just in your PR, but in your business practice too.

Brands like Apple, Nike, Dove and Patagonia have nailed this. They’ve identified the values that make all the difference to them and they’ve mobilized to live their values. This is how they’ve achieved a seemingly effortless brand style—through marketing that’s winsome, positive and authentic.  

Most entrepreneurs don’t get this, but you’ve already left most entrepreneurs behind there. Because now you know that good branding can make you as successful in business as you are in your field. Branding requires some homework. And for it to help, you’ve got to do it yourself—just like when you were in school.

But not to worry. Little Brother is here for you, he knows his stuff, and he’s ready to guide you through the whole process. So, it comes down to whether or not you’re willing to do your homework. And for that, you need only decide how much you want success.

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