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Meet Little Brother
Name: Joel Anderson
Education: Emily Carr University
Trinity Western
Occupation: Developer
Business: 10 years of practice
Bonjour! You can call me Little Brother. I'm a developer based in Vancouver Canada with experience across digital, web, print, brand identity and website strategy.

My journey as a developer has spanned a decade of technology change. The internet has changed rapidly and there has been much to learn in the area of design, visual culture, coding, marketing, SEO, social media and security.

A few things you need to know. Little Brother will not build websites for tupperware, Avon, Party Pigs or gangsters. For scheduling, Little Brother books about five months in advance, unless it's a simple one-page website. I have work lined up and I take new work on a first-come first-serve basis. This is standard industry practice.
I am committed to helping you find the services you need. Rather than trying to get more work, I would rather help you identify your goals and needs accurately, even if that means referring you elsewhere. If simple search engine optimization will do the trick, I will not suggest a full website redesign. I'm in this business to help, not to make money. This is about putting people first.

Little Brother Media is run and operated in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

LLittle Brother offers

Joel has proven to be a reliable, knowledgeable and effective resource. The feedback we have received on the projects he completed is very positive.
Phil Cox
Director of Tech
Outreach Canada

Logo Design
Website strategy
CMS websites
Original visual concepts
Responsive design
Mobile design
Video production
Social media management
Print media design

Joel is a true professional—doing the highest level of work that's always up to date and geared toward his clients' taste and requirements, and always knowledgeable about every aspect of creating and marketing a professional website.

His web design work for me has garnered me a great deal of attention and compliments, and more importantly it communicates to my audience that I am a professional with a first-class portfolio.

–James Alfred
Beauty is, above all, a manifestation of grace, of abundance and generosity. It's why God placed flowers on the earth.

–Dallas Willard
Good, fast or cheap—you can still only have two.

–Adam Judge
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Little Brother did my dishes so I let him have some of my ginger ale. It was a win-win.
Rachel Anderson
Big Sister
Vancouver, BC

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Lawn mowing
Paper route
Dirty dishes
Math help
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Clothing swap
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